One Thing Gathering

In Acts 13, a company of people at a prayer meeting in Antioch became the catalyst for the first ever missions movement. Their singular focus of ministering to the Lord in worship, prayer, and fasting, created the context that produced apostolic sending.

As Singapore enters into the next phase of her Antioch calling, she must be awakened to return to the place of intimacy: wholehearted devotion, prayer and fasting motivated by love for Jesus, and living sacrificially so that the Lamb receives the full reward of His suffering. Worship that encounters His heart, and intercession that partners with His will, compels us to embrace His desire for the nations.

We are part of a bigger story that God is writing in Singapore. What if we are living in an hour where the prayer movement in this nation could catalyze an unprecedented missions movement in the region and bring about a great harvest of souls? What if we played our part in accelerating the completion of the Great Commission and hastening the Day of His Return?

At One Thing Gathering Singapore 2018, join the family of Christ, from Singapore and beyond, for three days of encounter through extended times of Presence-driven worship, teaching of the Word, and Spirit-led ministry. Let us be a people who makes Jesus our One Thing.

Date: Thu-Sat, 19-21 July 2018
Venue: RiverLife Church – 6 Loyang Besar Close, Singapore 509026
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